Something you should know about ID3 tags

What is a ID3 TAG:

Hidden within each MP3 audio file, there exists a bubble of information, a data "tag" containing dozens of descriptive fields, or "metadata," called "tag frames," for such common descriptors as "Song Title," "Artist," and "Musical Genre." You'll see the values for these displayed in your favorite music software or portable music player.

Why we made Enhanced TAG:

Longer strings: It's clear - 30 bytes in normal TAG aren't enough. In lot of genres like rock, pop, instrumental, vocal etc. you have enough places in 99% of song names & artists, but even 30 bytes for album name can be not enough. But if you like dance / house / trance / techno / drum'n'bass / etc. you don't have enough place. Don't you believe me? So look at some of your dance CDs - and you'll be in. Artists are usually DJs, there is still someone 'featuring'. And with the song names it isn't better - even if you have a short song name there can be name of the remix, name of remixer, and so on.

For example:

So this is clear I hope.

Speed: Now the speed - this is useful when you're in some mood. If you're sad, or you just go to bed - you will probably prefer slow relax music. If you have some party at home maybe you want to play some fast pieces. And let's say you’re stuck somewhere in code and angry of endless debugging - maybe some ultrafast hardcore will make your adrenalin go away. In this situations genres aren't enough - you can have slow or fast rock, pop, drum'n'bass, house, etc. Now I know you understand this feature too.

Genre: in this point, you're absolutely free. If your player/playlist maker doesn't support some genre and you definite must/want to have it filled as accurately as possible - you have a problem. Actually - you HAD a problem. Now you can type anything you want (30 characters).

Start & end time: not yet supported by players, but be sure it will be. This was made because we are sick of some downloaded MP3 files. Sometimes there is a noisy flick or burst in the beginning of the file, sometimes there is needless long silence at the end. Player capable to handle this will save your time and nerves. Maybe there will be option to fade-in in the start (it's not good to start in the noisy part).

Comment: wasn't enlarged. We suppose currently used 30 bytes to be enough.

How does the 'Enhanced TAG' work?

Well the credo was 'As compatible as possible' That's why the 'TAG+' is in the front of 'TAG'. 'TAG+' writes to 'TAG' and if it overflows (the name/artist/ album is too long to fit into 'TAG' space) then it writes to its own place. So this mean that first 30 bytes are always in 'TAG' and players/playlist makers which support 'TAG' are able to read it without any problems. It's like long file names in Win95 - Windows read everything - in DOS you don't have all but still have enough to be oriented. Genre2, speed, start & end time are always stored in 'TAG+' room. 'TAG+' not supporting programs will ignore them. In this solution you still have only one editbox for name, artist and album.