Streaming Audio Recorder for Windows 10/8/7

Wouldn't it be great if you can record audio from online music sites, radio stations, videos or anywhere else? Audio Recorder can record any sound from your computer with high quality. Thus, you will not have any problem to record music since you have Audio Recorder.

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audio recorder for windows 10 and 7

Way to record sound produced by your sound card


  • Make sure nothing is plugged into the input or microphone jacks.
  • Click "Start", go to "Programs", then "Accessories", then entertainment then "Sound Recorder".
  • Open "Volume Control" by right-clicking on the speaker in your task bar and selecting "Open Volume
  • Control".

  • Click Options, then click properties then select "Recording".
  • Select "Mono Mix".
  • At sound recorder, press "Record" then play the sounds you want to record. You're done!


  • Thanks to the RIAA, Microsoft Sound Recorder will only record up to 60 seconds of sound.
  • Use this method to record things from a song you made with various sounds or some other reason.
  • The windows default recorder will only record 30 seconds worth of audio. One option is to download the
  • advanced audio tool called Audio Recorder.

  • Audio Recorder allows you to save unlimited length files, and to save them to .mp3 format.
  • If using Audio Recorder, check and make sure that the "Input Volume" slide-bar (the one next to the
  • icon of the microphone) is set to a value greater than 0.